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A collision with a motor vehicle is the greatest fear most cyclists have when they are on the road.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration approximately 700 bicyclists are killed and approximately 44,000 are injured annually. A significant number of these cyclists are children. More children, ages 5-14 are seen in hospital emergency rooms for injuries related to biking than any other sport.

Most bicycle accidents are the result of someone’s negligence. The collision may be due to the negligent driving of the motorist who does not pay attention to a bicyclist, perhaps crowding the cyclist off the roadway. Many motorists seem unaware that bicyclists have the same rights on the roadway as motor vehicles do.

Many communities have begun installing bicycle lanes. These lanes are designed to separate motorists from bicyclists but this does not prevent motorists from driving in them. The improper design and maintenance of roadways and trails by local governmental agencies are another factor in bicycle collisions.

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