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A brain injury can change a life in a split second.

A healthy brain

To understand what happens when the brain is injured, it is important to realize what a healthy brain is made of and what it does.


The brain is enclosed inside the skull. The skull acts as a protective covering for the soft brain. The brain is made of neurons, (nerve cells). The neurons form tracts that route throughout the brain. These nerve tracts carry messages to various parts of the brain.


The brain uses these messages to perform functions. The functions include coordinating our body’s systems, such as breathing, heart rate, body temperature, and metabolism; thought processing; body movements; personality; behavior; and the senses, such as vision, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.


Each part of the brain serves a specific function and links with other parts of the brain to form more complex functions.

An injured brain

When a brain injury occurs, the functions of the neurons, nerve tracts or whole sections of the brain can be affected. If the neurons and nerve tracts are affected, they can be unable to, or have difficulty carrying the messages that tell the brain what to do. This can change the way a person thinks, acts, feels, and moves his or her body.


Brain injury can also change the complex internal functions of the body, such as regulating body temperature; blood pressure; bowel and bladder control. These changes can be temporary or permanent. They may cause impairment or a complete inability to perform a function.


If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury please contact Tiwald Law Firm to discuss your injury with us. We are here to listen, And we offer highly skilled and experienced legal representation for brain-injured persons and their families.

Brain Injury | Tiwald Law Firm | Albuquerque, New Mexico

John Tiwald has been a board member of brain injury advocacy groups for 18 years and takes a special interest in helping victims of brain injury and their families. He has served as President, Vice President, and currently board member of the Brain Injury Association of New Mexico. He has served as a board member for the Southwest NeuroRehabilitation Institute. Mr. Tiwald is a member of the Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation Group. He is known as a leading expert on getting justice for victims of brain injury, and his law firm has set up a special website that serves as an informative and helping educational resource for victims of brain injuries and their families:

New Mexico’s Brain Injury Legal Resource

Please visit our resource website for brain injury here and our Gray Matters Brain Injury in the News blog here.

It is extremely important to seek the advice of an experienced and knowledgeable attorney when you are in legal trouble. If you have been the victim of a personal injury due to the negligence, carelessness or abuse of another person, please contact us today to discuss your legal options.

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